Friday, February 20, 2009

The Format Break-Up: One Year Anniversary

I stumbled upon the blog of The Format's ex-manager Tom Gates and he provides an incredible read about why such an amazing band broke up. Additionally, he gives incredible insight about what it took to get The Format to Dog Problems.

The story amounted to these two kids bashing their heads against a wall for three years, knowing that they had something worthwhile but unable to find strong support, beyond their booking agent and lawyer (it should be noted here that the band’s new label had some solid supporters but were caught in an industry quagmire, what with eleven year old kids becoming able to get music for free - for eternity - on their six hundred dollar computers). On the surface, especially to the music biz, the album was a complete flop. It didn’t matter that they had been swept under the rug, nor did it matter that “The First Single” was a mega-hit waiting to happen. The data showed that this horse had run its best race and come in second-to-last (always more pitiful than loser)

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Anonymous said...

Jesus that sucks! I bought there albums more than once they were so good! Its to bad. So they broke up because of record sales?

emily garnhart said...

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