Thursday, January 24, 2008

Even More Greatness in Oh Eightness

Here's some more greatness to expect in 2008 with some actual songs to go with it.

Vampire Weekend

These guys have been pretty much the biggest blogosphere blow up since Voxtrot. Noted almost as much for their Cape Cod clothes (boat shoes! I love em) as for their fantastic tunes, I'm sure you'll hear their songs on an ipod commercial in the near future.
DOWNLOAD Vampire Weekend - M79

Thao Nguyen & The Get Down Stay Down

I was reminded about just how much I am in love with this gal when I was over at the fantastic blog (do yourself a huge solid and check it out). Missionfreak's description is much better than anything I can do, so I won't even attempt, but fans of Cat Power and Feist will love her.
DOWNLOAD Thao Nguyen - Beat (Health, Life and Fire)


I know I posted on this dude earlier, but his voice is just too exquisite to not try and pass him off on everyone I can. I won't even bother with a description, just listen...and love.
DOWNLOAD Samamidon - Wedding Dress

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tigerbeat said...

wow ... all three of those songs are awesome ... however, vampire weekend has already hit the mass media airwaves (via a video montage put together by GQ for a rachel bilson pictorial) ... great insight kappy (whom ever you are)!! keep them coming.