Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pullover! No, it's a CARDIGAN. But thanks for noticing. Killer boots, man!

It's always unfortunate when a band with true talent gets lost amidst a sea of snobbery after a commercially successful song. Such was the fate of The Cardigans. We all know, remember, and (secretly) love the song "Lovefool." Receiving heavy radio and video play as well as accompanying the soundtrack to the Leo DiCaprio starring remake of Romeo & Juliet all helped to secure the band the unfair and inaccurate title of "one-hit wonder" (as well as serve as a song for me to emote to as I endured the drama that was my junior high relationship with a girl named Sara [note: Sara is not her real name (note: her real name was Sarah)]). But the Cardigans, in my opinion, remain one of the better indie-pop outfits to come out of the nineties, with each album being full of unheard gems. They've recently released a two-disc best of album which provides a great start for any casual listener. Also, frontwoman Nina Persson is HOT.

DOWNLOAD: The Cardigans - Carnival


Funshine Bear said...

I just stumbled across your blog last week and let me tell you that so far it has been really stimulating my saliva glands ... i have a craving for more.

I hope you keep pulling that rhetorical strand of pearls of wisdom out for us ... but slowly - i hear it can get messy if you go too fast.

But i would feel like a fraud if i did not comment on your statement that the Cardigan's lead singer is cute -- maybe so in real life, but in that picture I am seeing a little Brigitte Nielsen in her.

Anonymous said...

Mad respect for the Dumb and Dumber quote! True genius.