Tuesday, February 26, 2008

All Hail the Foo Fighters: Part Three

Why should you love the Foo Fighters? Because if you are a fan, they love you. Attending the concert last night at Allstate Arena in Chicago, I have never been so convinced that Dave Grohl is THE rockstar of my generation. He shreds on the guitar, has the long locks and the reckless facial hair, and good vocals that can turn to a sexy--yes, sexy---scream. I am having a big of trouble putting into words the feeling that I got from the Foo Fighters performance. The first the response that comes to mind when people ask me "how was the show?" is "it was rock n' roll, man." I don't even talk like that, but it was. It was Rock music as its finest. Great instrumentation, incredible energy, and the drive to please the fans. Towards the beginning of the concert, Dave told the crowd, "I'm here to please every single one of you," in a slightly taunting manner. They also closed the concert with a negotiation via night vision camera about the number of songs that the crowd was demanding for the encore.

One of the best parts of the performance...there was no shame felt or portrayed by the Foo for playing their hits. "Learn To Fly" absolutely rocked; but so did "But Honestly," a track off of Echoes, Silence, Patience, and Grace, their newest album. Each song, whether it was acoustic, extended, or altered--rocked. It just really rocked. That's all I can say about it until I think of a more intelligent manner in which to portray my passionate feelings about the Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl.

p.s. Taylor Hawkins will probably be my next tribute.


kappy said...

is that picture one you took yourself?! dang you were close. lucky duck.

A Kay said...

yes, yes indeed it is. except, i have a good zoom. haha