Wednesday, February 20, 2008

CMT Crossroads

Some music for thought here....
I know how you all love country so much and enjoy watching Country Music Television..but I think there is a show you may be interested in watching. It's called "Crossroads" and what it entails is one country act playing a concert with an artist from another genre. They split an 8 song set with around 4 songs from each artist, usually sung by both performer. Such artists that have already been on crossroads are brad paisley (with john mayer), ryan adams (with elton john), dave mathews, bon jovi, robert plant, etc. The music is awesome and it is very interesting to see how the different genre's sound together. You can see youtube videos of almost all of these including a really good video of brad paisley and john mayer performing "why georgia"
My questions now are, what do you think about the idea of these musicians playing together, do you like it? And also, if you could see any two musicians on one stage sharing eachothers songs, who would you like to see???? I am going to post a youtube video of ryan adams and elton john playing tiny dancer, hopefully you will alll enjoy!


bright eyed fool said...

The second question is a great one, RAB. The real thing you have to think about is, what would sound good, versus what would you personally prefer?

Who would I "like" to see together, sharing songs? Isn't that really "who are my two favorite bands"?

How about seeing Led Zeppelin and the Counting Crows sharing a stage? Playing each others songs?

The real interesting thing for me is rather a question of who would "sound great" together?

For that question, I'd love to see Ben Harper play Keith Urban songs, and vice versa.

CAS said...

My roommate and I are a fan of the John Mayer/Brad Paisley one... because she likes country and I'll watch anything John Mayer is on... but he is very talented. If i could pick another collaboration, I think Feist and Jack Johnson would be interesting to me. I think they would both be out of their element and it would be cool to see Jack Johnson do something different.

rachel said...

i have the CMT Crossroads song with John Mayer and Brad Paisley and it is absolutely amazing. There's nothing like the original song but it's definately fun to hear what two amazing artists sound together. So far the pairings they have done have been awesome.