Monday, February 11, 2008

Hybrid Post!

Yes, a hybrid post. A combination of what's been spinning in the SCOPE office AND a beaut of a b-side. In one of SCOPE's first blog posts, we advised listeners to be on the lookout for Vampire Weekend in '08 (please note that we do not claim to have really told anyone anything new at that point, as VW's infamous little blue CDR had been floating around for half a year). And we (or more accurately, the blogging community that informed us) were right. Vampire Weekend have been everywhere, and the SCOPE office is no exception. Every day of work turns into a VW dance party of sorts. So, for those of you NOT planning to jump on the inevitable bandwagon backlash, and for those of you who still can't get enough of these classy coastal lads, here's a tasty little b-side for your listening pleasure.

DOWNLOAD: Vampire Weekend - Boston


GT said...

The name of that B-side is actually "Ladies of Cambridge". Boo-yah, Mr. Kapolas.


KwassaKwassa said...

Just got vw tickets for april 6 show in chicago -- unfortunately i did not have the foresight to purchase more than i actually needed ... they are already on sale for 75-100 dollars (original price 15 dollars - american, so actually like 17 dollars for our canadian brethren).

Just thought you would want to know the excitement for their sunday night show in chicago is already palpable.