Monday, February 11, 2008

Pants Off Dance Off (pt. 3: "This one's fat like yer mother, contains enough calories.")

Yes, you've gussed right. It is yet another installment of the much ballyhooed Pants Off Dance Off posts. With soooo much garbage STILL being blasted onto the dancefloors of every club and bar in America (Iowa City bars being especially guilty), I will tirelessly strive to provide musical alternatives to act as the soundtrack to which y'all can rub your nasty bits on each other.


Mike Skinner, aka The Streets, is by no means new or unknown (his debut album went platinum in the UK, his sophomore effort went triple platinum, and his last two albums both debuted at #1 on the UK Billboard charts). But he has yet to really break in the US. It may be his sometimes spoken word style of rhyming, the cockney accent, the fact that he's white, or maybe his lyrical content might be just a little too witty in comparison to the slightly dumbed down American rap scene. Whatever the case may be, it's a travesty. Here's to hoping that The Streets' appearance at this year's Coachella Festival, as well as a brand new album slated for an April release, will be enough to get some attention to a great talent in a genre that, at least in the States, has recently shown a propensity for spewing out utter shit (Soulja Boy, I know that your "jocking on my bitch ass", but I will not "super man dat hoe"). Enough talking. Take off your pants and dance.

From The Streets' impressive debut....

DOWNLOAD: The Streets - Let's Push Things Forward
DOWNLOAD: The Streets - Sharp Darts

P.S. SCOPE heard Pants Off Dance Off artist Kid Sister bumping from quite a few speakers in Cali. And if California plays it, it MUST be cool.

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