Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pants Off Dance Off (pt. 6: "the gloves are off")

The gloves are off...and so are my pants! Because I want to dance!! I finally got around to picking up the Hot Chip Made In The Dark vinyl that Real Records ordered for me, and I'm thinking I waited waaay too long. This mofo is packed with the jams. I'd write a proper album review, but I'd end up writing too much and you'd probably lose quite a bit of interest. So instead, I'm just gonna drop this lovely little nug on y'all.
Kind of a poppy slow-grind type song (feels a little "Remix to Ignition"-y), "Wrestlers" rubs me in all the right spots.

For one, the song makes wrestling an analogy for love and, to be honest, this is how I've always felt about love: me vs. you, lots of pain, scissorholds, large hairy men in speedos, my head buried between a set of oiled up thighs....

Second of all, it starts off this amazing analogy with a string of wrestling references that would seem porno-worthy ("we'll tag team, double up, hit you in the sweet spot") if they weren't so preciously juxtaposed by singer Alexis Taylor's geekishly sweet vocals and bouncing melody.

Third of all, when Joe Goddard's vocals come in at about the 00:52 seconds mark, it's impossible not to think of Flight of the Conchords' Jermaine's breakdown at about the 2:18 mark in "Leggy Blonde," which basically sealed the deal for me.

Pick up your copy of Made In The Dark right meow.
DOWNLOAD: Hot Chip - Wrestlers

Bonus: Leggy Blonde Video


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alissa marie. said...

the link to download the song isn't working :-( and now i'm strongly desiring more hot chip.

kappy said...

link fixed

Anonymous said...

also look into about thirty seconds of athlete's you got the style, when they little keyboards come in it reminded me of the begining of leggy blond.. like the very begining... go flight!!