Monday, February 18, 2008

Must Be Something in the Air, Because the Songs About Love Are Coming in Hot

SCOPE just got its hands on a 5-song promo for the Mystery Jets' upcoming album, Twenty One, and if these five songs are any indicator, boy howdy, this is gonna be one sweet piece of indie-pop magic. What's most impressive is that these songs stand so well on their own in comparison to the pop perfection that is "Flakes" (see earlier post), each one primed for hit single status. Evoking the early days (60's era) of perfectly crafted three and a half minute radio pop anthems, these tracks are sure to be the perfect companion for spring canoodling. Although potentially too sweet for much staying power, that's no reason not to drink it up while it's fresh. "Young Love" is the first single off the album, due out in March, and it puts a very sweet and romantic spin on what, in Iowa City, would usually prove to be a randy, sloppy, and regrettable encounter. Close your eyes, have a listen, and dream of warm days and pretty girls.

DOWNLOAD: Mystery Jets - Young Love

added bonus: check out the Mystery Jets' funky vibed cover of Bloc Party's phenomenal "Pioneers"

DOWNLOAD: Mystery Jets - Pioneers (Bloc Party Cover)

for those that don't know how to download
pc users: right click the link, then select "save target as"
old mac users: ctrl click the link, then select "download linked filed"
new mac users: two fingers on the mouse pad click the link, the select "download linked file"

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