Tuesday, February 19, 2008

TAKE NOTES: These are the kind of guys I'm attracted to.

Since all you single men out there are dying to know how to win over my heart, I decided to put together a list of qualities that I am attracted to. (This list is probably agreeable to most girls that are cool and have a soul.)

1.) Disheveled hair. It's hot and it shows that you don't give a WHAT.

2.) Decent sense of fashion... but not too fashion forward. No cool girl wants a 'tro. ('tro= metro in case you aren't down on the lingo. Skinny jeans on a guy is a definite yes in my book... but not TOO skinny... Seeing jeans that tight on a guy just makes me think of- number one, them trying to get those on in the morning.. kind of weird.... and number two, i think of if we possibly hooked up and that awkward 30 seconds of me standing there while he tried to get his pants off... ick. I like to see some effort put into a guy's wardrobe. If you care about your clothes and how you look that shows me you'll care about me. I think it works like that...

3.) MOST IMPORTANTLY: You're somewhat of a dork. Now I don't mean dork in a negative way. I believe I am really only attracted to nerdy guys. I really don't know how to describe how to spot a dork... but I guess it's just because they don't have big muscles and they look innocent and they are actually nice. And I am a dork and I like when guys like nerdy cute things.. like Star Wars books, Abraham Lincoln and puppies. Also, dorks like sweet music. Non dorks like T-Pain and Nickelback... which in turn makes them a dork... in a negative way.

3.) I really don't feel like explaining myself anymore so I'm just going to post a video of my new favorite dorkies, Vampire Weekend. If I saw them on the street, I definitely want to bone slang.
I know other people have previously posted about Vampire Weekend but I don't care. I'm not really an 'indie guru'... meaning I'm not searching out for new different bands every day and trying to make them my favorite. (Not that doing that is a bad thing)
I just started listening to them and I am really impressed. I have heard people talking about them for the past couple months and I just assumed they were a Fall Out Boy-like band repeat.
So when I heard them I was pleasantly surprised and refreshed by their sound. It's refreshing to hear an 'indie' band not scream WE'RE SO INDIE through their music and lyrics. (besides the name Vampire Weekend... vampires seem to be the latest hipster craze right now... *cough*CortneyAmandaKappy*cough*)
Vampire Weekend sounds like if The Police, Dispatch and a keyboard had a brilliant love child.
I dig it. I'd probably date that baby.
Here's a video of my dorkies performing my favorite song off their self entitled album... Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa. (i hope this video works...)

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bright eyed fool said...

what if nickelback and t-pain collaborated on a song?

awesomeness would ensue.