Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday is Ska Day

Let's cut to the chase--I miss ska. If you've forgotten about this genre of music, let me talk to you about two of my favorite ska bands of all time:

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones--

If Fall Out Boy had been formed in the early '90s, they probably would've sounded like the Bosstones--an assimilation of hardcore punkers and a horn section, these guys are catchy as hell and their big single, "The Impression That I Get" is an example of fantastic music.

Dance Hall Crashers--

DHC was formed by Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman of Operation Ivy and Rancid fame. They've got a dual-female vox front, great harmonies, and they bounce. DHC was originally a pure ska outfit, with a horn section, but they gravitated toward the punk side of things later in their career. They have a definite No Doubt thing going on, except they never wrote a ballad and they lacked Gwen Stefani's fashion sense so they never quite cracked the mainstream charts.



Anonymous said...

No reel big fish love?

GT said...

not today

Anonymous said...

thank you for posting about ska!!! i feel like its so under appreciated but ska bands probably put on the best live show i've ever seen....LOVE IT!

Chris S said...

I miss Ska too! I saw reel big fish, less than jake, and streetlight manifesto play last summer and they were so a is due for a comeback though.

Hotcizzle said...

Agree completely with chris. Ska music is pure joy and no genre is better at instantly making you feel happy imo.

Anonymous said...

I named my hamster after Matt from opivy when I was 14. I accidentally took his wheel out of his cage in the middle of the night, and to my dismay, he was still on it. That was the end of Matt.

Can we get some ska shows please!?!

Anonymous said...

Oh The Bosstones. Not the best connection in my mind and I completely apologize for connecting this song to this movie, but I have to do it. You can beat me up later. The movie Clueless. For some reason this song makes me think of 17 year old girls from Beverly Hills riding around in their convertibles with their daddy's money. Ok. I guess I had no life and watched that movie WAY too many times when I was younger. Anyone mind giving me another source to tie this song to?

I do have to say that it made me start to tap my foot in the middle of my procrastination music while sitting at a coffee shop. Thanks for the quick entertainment :)