Sunday, March 2, 2008

New Tokyo Police Club

April 22nd is the set release date for the brand new album from Tokyo Police Club, Elephant Shell. It is a highly anticipated follow up to the Canadian indie rock band's past album, A Lesson in Crime. I saw these guys when I worked Lollapalooza this year and they had a pretty stoked crowd in comparison to other acts that played the stage in front of the hardcore Pearl Jam fans who didn't care much about the predecessors to the finale. As much as I liked A Lesson in Crime, this new single doesn't quite wow me at the first listen, however, I am sure that it will wear well on me. The single has the same energetic feel and doesn't stray too far away from their original sound, however, I feel like it doesn't have the same distinct percussion that pervious singles have. Listen for yourself.

Tokyo Police Club - "In a Cave"

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