Sunday, March 23, 2008


Good thing you read our blog, because you are one of the first to know that.....

Tuesday, April 15th, the COUNTING CROWS will be performing live in the Iowa Memorial Union Main Lounge at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $28.00 and go on sale this THURSDAY, MARCH 27th at 10:00 AM at all Ticketmaster locations including the Iowa Memorial Union Box Office where University of Iowa students can charge up to eight tickets to their UBILLS.

We stress all of this important information right away as this is one of the smallest, most intimate shows that the Counting Crows are playing on their current tour. The Counting Crows are a highly recognizable band led by frontman, Adam Duritz, and have reigned supreme time and time again on their live circuit reputation. Many recognize the debut of their success with the iconic single, "Mr. Jones," in 1994.

Since "Mr. Jones" on the August and Everything After album, the band has released four albums, with the latest being the 2008 release of Saturday Nights, Sunday Mornings. We can't stress how excited we are over at SCOPE to announce this latest addition to our Spring 2008 lineup. But let us stress this: TICKETS WILL GO FAST. If you want to come to the show, get your tickets on Thursday, March 27th. There was some heartache over the Ben Folds sellout, don't let it happen to you.

I am a fan of the latest single off of the new album, "You Can't Count On Me" and you can watch the video here:

Thanks for reading, hope you're happy to realize that YOU are one of the first to know about the incredible upcoming Counting Crows show on April 15th!!


Matt Smith said...

Wow that was a WHOLE lot of hype for not that great of a concert... I mean the counting crows are ok. But I was expecting something A LOT better. Besides I hear that the lead singer likes to get wasted before he gets on stage and his stage presence is not so good. Oh well I guess I had high hopes.

Anonymous said...

fuck all these whiney music snobs. if you don't like the music that comes through, move to new york and you can see all hipster bands you can handle.

i for one, am pumped. don't get me wrong, my preferred bands are probably a little more on the "indie-snob" side (i feel so lame for describing my taste in music as indie), but bands like Counting Crows reserve a special spot in my heart. some of the first music i listened to as a young lad. i'll be there with bells on!!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah right matt smith. counting crows are going to be huge! and to play in a venue so small when they are playing at a football stadium in colorado for more than $10 over what iowa is charging us three days later is incredible. counting crows are awesome and it's gonna be a long december.. (break into music).

matt Smith said...

wow I didn't mean to hurt anyones feelings. Sheash, I was just saying that I guess I was more hoping for someone more indie that I liked. I have talked to a couple people on scope before and I just though that it might have been a different band.

I didn't mean to sound like a music snob I was just stating my opinion. I like the crows they are pretty good, I just haven't listened to them in 4-5 years.

Sorry, i guess

A Kay said...

All discussion is welcome. Matt -- we consider everyone's taste in music. If you enjoy the indie rock side, you should be excited about the Bon Iver show on April 5th. And that is a show that maybe the Counting Crows fans won't be as excited about, that is why we work hard to book diverse acts.

Thank you for your input!

Anonymous said...

counting crows? for real?

remember when there were shows in carver?

Anonymous said...

i remember carver shows, too. fucking athletic department just likes screwing people. they'd rather have shitastic basketball games then kickass music. fuck the man.

Anonymous said...

yeah seriously. chill out matt smith. counting crows is going to be sick and youre gonna regret it if you dont get a ticket for sure.