Monday, March 24, 2008

Slightly Under The Radar

For those of you that are regular blog readers, Voxtrot may be relatively old news to you. But for those of you that are fresh to the game, well, there's a band called Voxtrot. And they're sweet. A about a year or two ago, Voxtrot dominated the blogosphere, thanks in large part to the release of three phenomenal short EPs, Voxtrot - EP, Mothers Sisters Daughters & Wives, and Your Biggest Fan - Ep. Each showcased the bands knack for strong melodies, jangly guitars, interesting chord shifts, and honest emotional lyrics. On the band's full-length eponymous debut, they seemed to falter under the pressure of their own buzz, second guessing their instincts and overanalyzing their songs. But they're an extremely young band, and have plenty of time to get comfortable in their songwriting skin and I have a good feeling that their sophomore effort will be something special. Until then, enjoy these killer songs. The first track was the one that hooked me on the band and is perfect for the warming weather. The second track's got a curiously sexual title, and that's enough for me. The third is one of the standouts from the band's debut full-length.

DOWNLOAD: The Start Of Something - Voxtrot
DOWNLOAD: Soft And Warm - Voxtrot
DOWNLOAD: Firecracker - Voxtrot

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rachel said...

i love start of something