Tuesday, March 25, 2008

when your mind is a mess so is mine

spring cleaning (up all the messes we made over winter) MIX

I Still Ain't Over You/Augustana
Watch the Sky/Something Corporate
I've Just Seen A Face/The Beatles
Maybe Misery/Quietdrive
Open Your Eyes/Snow Patrol
Kiss My Sass/Cobra Starship
I'm A Flirt/The Hood Internet
Molly's Chambers/Kings of Leon
Breaking Up/Rilo Kiley
Over You/Acceptance
Company Calls/Death Cab For Cutie


rachel said...

oh i love it.
especially soco and augustana.

not that that is a surprise to anyone who knows me..

Hot Cizzle said...

not a suprise at all rachel

kappy said...

so emo.

RAB said...

you are oh so wise Rachel.