Thursday, June 26, 2008

Album Preview/Review: Albert Hammond Jr.'s "Como Te Llama"

So about a month or so ago I put up a link for Albert Hammond Jr.'s (the best-dressed Stroke) first single, "GfC," from his forthcoming sophomore solo effort, Como Te Llama, and I boldly proclaimed my love. Having had a few days to digest the whole album, my love continues to burn strong. Although this album does not mark a huge departure in sound from his first album or the Strokes sound in general, his maturation as a singer and songwriter is still evident...MORE

AHJ's first album, Yours To Keep, relied heavily on the summery, Beach Boys influenced pop formula. On Como Te Llama, Albert takes that formula and combines it with just a bit more grit (see "In My Room," "Boss Americana," ), as well as indulges some of his reggae-esque leanings (see "Borrowed Time," "Miss Myrtle"). Don't fret, fans of the sweeter numbers, because this album covers those too (see the fabulous "You Won't Be Fooled By This," "Feed Me Jack..."), as well as tackles an instrumental track ("Spooky Couch") with the help of Sean Lennon on piano. There's even a stab at some dance rock with "Victory At Monterey," which, to be honest, comes pretty close to success. Vocally, AHJ seems to be lowering his register just a tic, and is not too far off from getting some Spoon frontman Britt Daniel comparisons, which really isn't a bad thing at all.

All things considered, fans of Albert's first outing will find plenty to like on this one, and fans of the Strokes will, at the very least, not be repulsed, and at the very best, love it. I think it's safe to say that, regardless of which side you stand on, we can all agree that this is better than another First Impressions of Earth.

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