Monday, June 30, 2008

So, as you all may or may not know, I spent most of the last month abroad in Greece, studying maritime law and ouzo. Upon my return to my home television set, I found quite a bit of DVRness that I had to catch up on. And, as I did so, I was particularly pleased with what I heard on Greek, one of my regularly recorded programs. Yes, I watch Greek. No, I'm not ashamed. No, my nickname came before the protagonist of said show. Yes, I enjoy the coincidence. Anywho, the first pleasant surprise came with hearing some new Tokyo Police Club in the background of one of the scenes (bonus). The second (false) surprise came when I thought I heard some Kings of Leon. The vocals seemed so unmistakably Caleb. But, alas, it was an imposter. The band was American Bang, and the singer bore a striking resemblance, both vocally and visually, to Caleb Followill. Sounds sort of like if Caleb Followill fronted Plain White Tees.


RAB said...

he has that screech down almost perfect.

Fergy ferg said...

that is the worst kol impersanation ever... started out promising and then the chorus is god awful... thank god kings of leon album is coming out soon