Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Showdown Over U.S. Ticket Sales

First found here and later found here, here, and here, it would appear that Ticket Master and Live Nation are planning to break ties come 2009.

Some interesting points:
1. Ticket Master on their own will be in roughly 750 million dollars of debt.
2. Live Nation has already set in motion a plan to handle their own ticket sales.
3. Live Nation was worth 17% of Ticket Master's revenue last year.

Can't say I fully understand the implications of all this but maybe I won't have to deal with an $8 surcharge on a $24 dollar ticket for future House Of Blue's shows. Wishful thinking I know.


iLOVEMYLiFE said...

actually when i was buying my paramore/jacks mannequin ticket i couldnt find the chicago date on ticketmaster and so i bought it on livenation.
i think it was cheaper to buy it there, rather than ticketmaster.

A Kay said...

go live nation! it's cheaper and you can bypass the line! :D i'm totally unbiased and all.