Monday, July 14, 2008

Bassist Gordon Moakes Leaves Bloc Party...Just For A Little

So one of my favorite thrummers out there, Bloc bassist Gordon Moakes, has announced that he will be skipping out on Bloc Party touring duties for the next few months in order to be close to home, as his wife is expecting to give birth to their first child sometime this summer. This means that Gordy will NOT be with Bloc Party at Lollapalooza OR their Chicago House of Blues show on the second of August and will be temporarily replaced by Daniel Lindegren, aka Tommy Sparks. This comes as a great disappointment to me, but I don't hold it against the band or Gordon. Rockstar dads are pretty badass. Responsible rockstar dads, however, are the badassist (that sounded pretty afterschool special-y).

(via NME)

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