Monday, July 14, 2008

I Love The 80's...In An Unironic Way

Last spring I was cruising the blogopolis and stumbled upon a song by Sam Sparro called "Black & Gold," which I downloaded for no other reason but hoping to find the unintentional new theme song for Hawkeye tailgates. This, it was not. However, it was a tasty little 80's-throwback jam with a sort of "Tainted Heart" feel. Quite delicious. I gotta tell you, based on the songs I've heard (all of them), I'm sprinting to the storage space to get out my zuba pants and hi-tops so that I may fully enjoy some of the best 80's-inspired dance jams I've ever heard. Checkout the video for the phenomenal Calvin Harris-y "21st Century Life" and a download of "Black and Gold".

DOWNLOAD: Sam Sparro - "Black and Gold"
"21st Century Life"

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CBshawty said...

I've been obsessed with this song forever too! and i also downloaded it for the same reason. It's really popular in England and Australia for fans of those accented countries.