Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Gossip in the Grain" released today!

Ray Lamontagne is known for his soulful singing and beautiful ballads. With the addition of "Gossip in the Grain", something else can be added to that category, funky beats. While I have not had a chance to deeply engage myself in the whole album, it sounds to me like Lamontagne has kept the best things about his last two albums, and added a little more funk to songs like "You Are the Best Thing", reminiscent of Sharon Jones and the Dapp Kings with it's horns section and backup singers. I'm happy to say that he has picked up the pace on a few of his songs, but still kept the same amount of soul and power. 

The only thing I'm doubting about this album is the cover, which is the same pose as the single "Three More Days" cover, except his eyes are looking in the opposite direction....hmmmm.

gitg_albumcover.jpg    imgres.jpg

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