Saturday, November 29, 2008

i was the only one who got burned

We already memorialized The Format once on this blog, I'm not looking to do it again. Rather, I just want to share "She Doesn't Get It," the band's lead single off 2006's Dog Problems. After recently revisiting this song, I realized that it will eternally describe my life: "I fall in love far too quickly/I never want her to forget me." The jolly instrumentation juxtaposed against the heartbreaking lyrics mimics the standard (and transparent) post-love-letdown brave face. This year, I'm thankful for songs that describe the feels that I can't. This is one of those songs.

The Format - "She Doesn't Get It"


Hot Cizzle said...

love it.

stay tuned for my own post about a song i'm thankful for

sue said...

oh format. such a huge hole in my heart still.