Monday, November 3, 2008

Of Montreal Cover It's Always Sunny

Of Montreal just went up about a billion points in my book. Video of Of Montreal covering the Charlie Kelly/Dennis Reynolds original "Day Man."

And the original work of artistic genius.


katie. said...

this just made my life.

K C said...

I'd have to agree :)

slb said...

Dennis: "What is this, a page from a coloring book?"
Mac: "It's a song that Charlie wrote, it's called 'Night Man,' skip all the raping parts and get onstage."

Hot Cizzle said...

Mac: [cuts him off] Whoa whoa, Charlie. Okay the first part of that song was kinda cool but what's up with the second part?

Charlie Kelly: Well it's about the Night Man and how he comes inside me and I like become him, you know I become the spirit of the Night Man

Mac: Yeah? Cause it sounds like a song where a guy breaks into your house and rapes you!

Charlie Kelly: What? No. Where are you getting that from? Here' let me play the rest

khutch said...

omg...if they play this when we go see them i think i could die happy