Monday, November 24, 2008

Recipe for success when listening to 808s and Heartbreaks...

1. Do not expect this album to be like the others. (This is a given...)
2. Appreciate the fact that songs like Heartless and Robocop have increased in quality since they were leaked, and are actually catchy tunes. 
3. If you purchase it off iTunes, do yourself a favor and do not listen to the bonus freestyle track. 
4. Forget you have ever heard of auto-tune, it becomes less apparent over time.
5. Play "Paranoid" over and over and over.
6. Don't feel too sorry for 'Ye, you will feel yourself starting to get pulled into the pity, then just play "Paranoid" again. 
7. Remember that artists like to mix things up from time to time, sometimes they are successful, sometimes they are not. But it's just something they need to do for themselves, so take it as it is. 


slb said...

i'm personally digging "therapy."

CBshawty said...

#1 typical shannon comment
#2 agree with everything you said carly. good job!

kappy said...

I think you're not giving this album enough credit. Love it.