Monday, December 29, 2008

Lounge Act : Bowerbirds

While looking through the WOXY Lounge Acts archive, I came across Bowerbirds. They have toured with the Mountain Goats after catching the eye of John Darnielle and more recently with Bon Iver. If anyone caught the awesome video that khutch posted of Bon Iver's Sarah Siskind cover, it was Bowerbirds who accompanied Bon Iver. Anywho, this is from last August, and is only 2 of the 3 members, but it blew me away. You can listen to individual tracks but I recommend listening to the whole thing to catch the interview that discusses their tour with Bon Iver. The Raleigh, NC band knew Justin Vernon from his Raleigh days, where their bands played together. The lounge act is also available for download. I especially love the unreleased track "Teeth of Life."

Check out the whole archive as well. There are TONS of amazing live sets that all include interviews. Some recent ones include French Kicks, Daniel Martin Moore and Horse Feathers. ALSO. Passion Pit will be making a stop at the Lounge on January 29, 2009 at 3pm.

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