Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Magistrates...New Music?

NME, the notorious UK hype mag, had a list of bands to watch out for in 2009, some of which I had heard of, some of which I hadn't. Because of NME's love of early (and often undeserved) hype, it's tough to know what's worth looking into. But my interest was picked by the description:

"Influenced by Prince, Talking Heads and David Bowie, Essex foursome Magistrates claim to have a 'masterplan to infect the world with a dirty groove like some out of control STD.'"

Hard to argue with that. I'm not really sure how new they are but I'm guessing fairly new, which is probably why this is all I could really find by them so far, but it is definitely worth checking out. Feels kind of like a less produced Sam Sparro (meant as a huge compliment).

You can click HERE to be taken to a pretty great video for the song.

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