Friday, December 26, 2008

Top 30 Concerts of 2008

Here's to the lost hearing, the dehydration, the lists I was left off of, the stolen press pass, the encores, the sex-on-fire-hot bass players, the rain delays, the lighting designers, the songs they didn't play, the travel buddies and My Morning Jacket because ten songs doesn't constitute a real concert in my book even though they were awesome.

30. Ok GO
29. Gym Class Heroes
28. Radiohead
27. The Academy Is...
26. Athlete
25. Quietdrive
24. Anberlin
23. Panic at the Disco
22. Counting Crows
21. Spoon
20. MGMT
19. Motion City Soundtrack
18. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
17. Paramore
16. Rooney
15. Ben Folds
14. Katy Perry
13. Augustana
12. Cobra Starship
11. Kings of Leon
10. Coldplay
9. My Chemical Romance
8. Death Cab for Cutie
7. Wilco
6. The Kooks
5. Feist
4. Vampire Weekend
3. Say Anything
2. Jimmy Eat World
1. Bon Iver

Now I'm lookin' at you 2009...


CBshawty said...

wow. such a great list! and i remember being at a few of those with you. maybe thats why they were so memorable...

K C said...