Sunday, December 28, 2008

william fitzsimmons

my new favorite song is by william fitzsimmons. his soft, sweet voice is perfect for some easy listening or a sleep playlist.
itunes was giving away free indie playlists, so i figured i would download it and wow was it a good decision. he's great.

check him out for yourself! my two favorite songs by him are after afterall and if you would come back home.

heres if you would come back home::

if you enjoy this, search "if you would come back home" on youtube and youll find a sweet acoustic version.
enjoy & happy new year readers :)

p.s. check out his sweet beard.


CBshawty said...

oooh i like it

RAB said...

no surprise, I do as well, Rach.

jonny-tsunami said...

best song given to me via AIM in ages...

kappy said...
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