Friday, January 9, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack

As the awards season starts to get into full swing, it is always important for us to watch the music categories for the films. I had the pleasure of seeing Slumdog Millionaire (an excellent movie by the way) while I was in Chicago recently and was blown away by not only the filmmaking, but the soundtrack as well. It was at the same time heart-pounding techno while still maintaining its Indian heritage. Two standout tracks, the opener "O...Saya" and the finale dance number "Jai Ho" helped the film grab the Best Composer award at last nights Critics Choice Awards. Here's a taste of "O...Saya" which gets help from a SCOPE fave M.I.A. to add that global hip hop touch to the Bollywood sounds.

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ecrunner said...

This movie was really good, and yes, the soundtrack was amazing. I am glad that the night wasn't completely picture perfect with Branjolina taking home all of the awards and great movies like this fading to the background. Well done.