Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Best. Music. Video. Ever.

I remember the first music video i ever saw. in fact, I remember it like it was yesterday.  Laugh now, but at the time this was a pretty far out concept. I mean how could you watch music? I said to myself "hmm thats kewl, maybe this is so blind people can enjoy music too, but is this for me?" 

oh how young and innocent I was. And soon, I was hooked. It got to the point that I could not understand the sub-text of songs without some sort of conceptual media to accompany it. The videos became as much of the music as the music. As the Music Video progressed, developed, and pubertized, as did I. 

However, soon things became complicated. Through out the years, my taste in music videos became so refined and astute, I found the videos less and less satisfying. That was until a blinding vision of hope came to my doorstep in the form of a man named Chris Dane Owens. 

Picture this.

An albino Criss Angle with a pencil mustache fucking your girlfriend whilst flying through time and space atop a crystal horse 'n carriage. Only then do you come close to the masculinity that defines Chris Dane Owens.

His music video for the smash single "Shine on me" has restored my faith in the music video as medium for expressing liberty and democracy within the public sphere. srrsly, this music video massages my sensuous spots in everyway. Simply put, it takes every single element of "the perfect music video" and blows it out the back of my fucking skull.

Horses? Check
Princes? Check
Fare Maidens? Check
Flowing Blonde locks? his AND hers
Hot Witches? Boing
Celtic rituals? Check
Sleigh riding? Check
Ships? YUP
Air guitar power chords? check
Enchanted castles? obvi
Fire? Check
 Sword fights? Check
Ice Palaces? Check
Aligators? Uh-huh
Dragons? BINGO
Facial close-ups? several
Angels? (see also, Hot Witches)
Fireworks? Ka-Boom!

isnt it awesome!?!?!?!


CBshawty said...


jonny-tsunami said...

Movie scenes that are used in this video...
Lord of the Rings, Black Beauty, Harry Potter, The Patriot, The Matrix, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Mummy, Rafiki's tree from the Lion King...and a boat explosion scene from Lost...truly amazing

khutch said...

if you like that, you should LOVE this one...

Hot Cizzle said...

Music videos for blind people?

luv u
h8 u
miss u