Sunday, February 8, 2009

CB in trouble...

That's right; something does not smell right Chris. My boy Chris Brown, the other CB, is in a bit of a pickle. After a scuffle at last night's Clive Davis party, Chris Brown is now in police custody with the bail set at $50,000 for allegedly beating a woman (technically felony battery) in a car. I know that CB would never do anything like this so I am not worried. Though I was extremely sad that he and Rihanna skipped the Grammys tonight, I realize he has to deal with this pesky lady who is obviously fabricating lies that I don't appreciate. Hope you don't have to go to the clank CBshawty! After losing all your Grammy categories too, this is not turning into a good day for you :(

Update: This "lady" is apparently girlfriend Rihanna but I don't know how anyone could hit her. She is also perfect. I need more details.

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RAB said...

haha that picture doesn't help your case, CB.