Sunday, May 31, 2009

My kind of risk

A new singer/songwriter by the name of Jenny Owens Young that I think is quite good. Exhibit A? a 44 second tune that must have been written for an Ipod commercial. Exhibit B? An acoustic cover of "hott in hurr" (Yes that would be Nelly). Exhibit C? A longer song of her full length album Transmitter Failure.

Jenny Owens Young - Led to the sea

If these are enough to win you over listen to her full cd streaming at Paste Magazine's website.


K C said...

love it!!!!!!

The Burning Ear said...

Hey, I couldn't find an email so I'll have to leave this in the comments... Glad you found Jenny at TBE and that you dig her but please don't link directly to my hosted files. Feel free to link to the post and send people over to download it!


-Brandon @ TBE

Hot Cizzle said...

Will do! Sorry

The Burning Ear said...

Thanks HC! Keep up the awesome!