Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Could Be With Anyone

At first I thought this song was about how Kevin Devine was a musician, how he could be with any girl at his show, and how it was unfulfilling.

Then I thought it was about the idea of how you could be with anyone but you chose to be with your significant other and that made it more special.

Not sure where I stand now but I love the video...except for the beatbox intro thing.


Anonymous said...

it's a song he wrote after his ex of many years dumped him. he wrote it, i guess, to kind of show her that he could be with anyone he pleases and he's not saying that it's right or anything, but him doing his thing and making out/doing whatever with other people is just where he's at in his life at that moment.

Hot Cizzle said...

I think I like that explanation the best.