Sunday, July 19, 2009

I'm not trying to push my favorite bands on you but...

I've been pretty big into Blitzen Trapper for a while now, but saw them live for the first time last night at the Picador. I was of course amazed and impressed and was left with a newfound love for Eric Earley. Of course I was super bummed I didn't get Sunday Pitchfork tickets to see them again, but thanks to slb, I discovered some Pfork vids.

Check out a funny little interview about B.T. fashion.

Here's one of my favorite tracks off of Furr (their first album on Sub Pop), "Lady on the Water."

Recently, Blitzen Trapper recorded their record fourth Daytrotter session. Check that out here.

The variety of music in their songs is what I love the most. There are more folky songs like "Black River Killer," and "Furr," more edgy songs like "Love U," songs that just make you want to dance like "Saturday Nite," and slow tunes like "Echo." Oh, p.s. those are all on the same album.

Here's the video for their first single, "Furr."

And the new video for "Black River Killer."

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