Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Last.FM on your FM.

Last.Fm will soon be heard through the airwaves in various cities across the US starting October 5th. For those of you who aren't fangirls of the site like myself, Last.FM is a music service that 'scrobbles' the tracks you play (via media players such as iTunes or tracks streamed on their site) and complies those tracks into neat charts.

The article over at Billboard reads that "stations' playlists will be "informed" by Last.Fm's user-generated weekly charts". The stations will be available in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Fransisco and will be streamed on CBS's radio website as well. This is a pretty interesting concept and I will definitely tune in as . I wonder if the playlists will be comprised of artists with the top plays overall for the week or the actual tracks on the top of the charts. This is interesting in respect to leaked albums topping the charts. "Let's play some new unreleased Radiohead shall we?!"

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yay for the scope blog being functional again! go eva!! proud of you guys!