Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Now Introducing...

Let me introduce you to Lizzie Huffman:

Lizzie Huffman is a singer-songwriter hailing from Seattle, Washington. Huffman's brother is Kirk Huffman, most known for Gatsbys American Dream fame and most recently, Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground. Huffman is the vocalist of local Seattle band, Man in the Blue Van, but is now emerging with her own solo project.

Huffman’s debut EP, Lizzie Huffman and Her Brother Band, is going to be released digitally and on vinyl sometime in the middle of November. You can pre-order the vinyl here.

Take a listen to the EP for yourself:

If you're wondering why her voice sounds familiar, Huffman was featured on Forgive Durden's delightful musical Razia's Shadow where she was featured on the song "The Missing Piece".

Lizzie’s voice is simply stunning and her music is just awesome. I’m pretty much convinced that bad music doesn’t come from Seattle whatsoever. Honestly, give Lizzie a shot and I’m certain you will not be disappointed.

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