Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Plain Jane Automobile

Just four guys making music. I do this thing; read SPIN. Then sometimes I do this other thing; read SPIN, research random musicians in it; download their songs; and like them.
Plain Jane Automobile had a quote in the first few pages of SPIN about how much they love going on tour, and I like that. You see I had to go look them up because there was nothing else about them, just that quote with a tiny little picture. Well turns out they've won a few awards, they are working hard to make it, and I like that too. Their first EP released in 2006 was followed by a tour that left fans demanding more. Their latest album, out since August of 2008, shows a lot of potential. So give their indie rock music a listen.
Try 'em out and give "Close My Eyes" and "Blue Jeans" a listen on their Media Player
(sorry I don't know how to upload songs on a post yet)

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Kelley said...

I love this band as well. It's really cool that you take the time to research and give new music a little listen.