Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Dinosaur Life

New information on Motion City Soundtrack's upcoming album My Dinosaur Life was released today including the album's track list and album art. The album drops 01/19/2010.

Track List:

1. Worker Bee
2. A Lifeless Ordinary (Need A Little Help)
3. Her Words Destroyed My Planet
4. Disappear
5. Delirium
6. History Lesson
7. Stand Too Close
8. Pulp Fiction
9. @!#?@!
10. Hysteria
11. Skin And Bones
12. The Weakends

Not too sure if I dig the art entirely, but maybe the songs will reflect back to it. I am intrigued with the song titles and I think they are set to make for some interesting songs. I'm really curious to see what sort of direction this album takes. With their last album, Even If It Kills Me, we got to hear a fairly mellow side of the band which included only a few spastic, high energy songs like on their first two albums. The first single off of My Dinosaur Life, "Disappear", is somewhat heavy and less synth driven than their previous work. MCS' singles are usually indicative of the rest of their albums, but for now I'll put aside any notions of what I think the album is going to sound like and wait until the album comes out in January.


Blaze said...

Yay! I am excited!

Katie said...

thought it was jan 19th?

Diva said...

Whoops someone was too excited, fixed.