Monday, December 7, 2009

#musicmonday 12/7/09

For those of you out of the Twitter loop, Music Monday is a topic that occurs (you guessed it) every Monday in which users “tweet” a band or a track that they like or are currently listening to. This topic has become a routine for me and I thought it would be neat to post my weekly Music Monday tracks on the blog for you all to listen to. I hope you enjoy my picks and if not, just let me push my music on you, okay?

My pick for today is by Chicago’s own Lupe Fiasco. On Thanksgiving, Lupe released his latest mixtape Enemy of the State: A Love Story, a twenty-two minute blur of insanity. Lupe plans on destroying the rap game and if this mixtape is indicative of his next album Lasers, due next year, most rappers should reevaluate their decision to pick up the mic.

The standout track for me on this mixtape and my pick for this week is “The National Anthem”, a track in which Mr. Fiasco freestyles over Radiohead’s tune of the same name off of their album Kid A. To put things lightly Lupe “goes hard”, tearing through the track with a nimble fury of metaphors and his oh-so-common sentiments on the rap game, society and politics.

Take a listen and fall in love,

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