Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Winter music

I always find myself yearning to put together the perfect winter playlist. I search through new music, old music, friends music, any that I can get my hands on. This semester, I've been quite busy with school and I'm replaying my 2008 Winter Mix, not cool. There is snow, hot chocolate, new happenings, a new year ahead > I need new music to create the soundtrack to my Winter Break 2009 too. So I've obviously got tons of Bon Iver on that list, a little fleet foxes, ray LaMontague, City & Colour, Sia, Joshua Radin, Belle & Sebestian...yada yada yada.

Can anyone out there reccommend some new music for my December Snow playlist?


Katie said...

snowfall by ingrid michaelson

Liz said...

"The Cold Swedish Winter" by Jens Lekman

kappy said...

atlas sound : criminals
cass mccombs : anything off 'catacombs'
elliott smith : anything
alberta cross : any of the last half of 'heartbreaker & thief'
the antlers : kettering
horsefeathers : the entire 'house w/ no name' album
seabear : the entire 'ghost that carried us away' album
the xx : entire xx album

writers blog. said...

Fairy tale of New York - Kirsty Mc Coll/Shane Mc Gowan- An eternal favorite!

Hot Cizzle said...

agree with Kappy on elliot smith, the antlers, seabear, and the xx.

Would also recommend
Shearwater - Rook
The National - Boxer
Damien Rice - O
and Alexi Murdoch - Time Without Consequence.

All albums that are getting me through finals/winter.