Monday, February 15, 2010

#musicmonday 2/15/10

Last night while avoiding homework, I came across Omar Rodriguez Lopez's (lead guitarist of The Mars Volta) label site and began checking out the discography. Yesterday was a great time to stumble upon this as his latest project, El Trio de Omar Rodriguez Lopez, released their album Ciencia de los Inutiles that very day. I took a listen and was completely blown away. The album isn't what I expected, Rodriguez Lopez doesn't melt your face with his trademark guitar stylings, but these songs are all acoustic with female vocals provided by Ximena Sarinana. These song are gorgeous and I highly recommend you take a listen.


Anonymous said...

chill stuff especially good background music when doing homework/studying... keep it comin with the music

Blaze said...

Just got into this myself!! Our bass player is obsessed with Mars Volta and I stumbled upon it. Great Rec, much props.