Friday, May 28, 2010

Don't Call It a Comeback

Kanye West is back. You heard right, in the wee hours of this morning a new Kanye track surfaced online from his upcoming album Good Ass Job. And we can all rejoice! Mainly (for me anyway) because it's not 808's Kanye. The Kanye we've grown to love is back, the taking jabs at people and inflated ego Kanye! Welcome back Ye. Take a listen below:

Kanye West - "Power"

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Buh said...

While i am uber excited for a return to rapping, was Kanye drunk when he wrote the lyrics to power? It sounds like a rant about how hes depressed/angry/cocky/amazing in one song. People hate graduation because of how cocky the lyrics were, but at least there he could stay on message. Plus, who can hate SNL that much!