Monday, May 17, 2010


Happy summer everyone.
Now, I'm not an experienced blogger so I wish I could post super cool music files on here, but I guess links and pictures will just have to be enough until I learn. I'm currently obsessed with this band called The Duchess & The Duke. In particular the song called "Hands" off of their 2009 album Sunset/Sunrise. There isn't a YouTube video for this song, BUT I can give you a link to their page on their record label's site and you can download it if you are so inclined.
They aren't the most attractive bunch, I mean, you kids probably won't go out and print off pictures of them to make a collage on your wall right next to your Justin Bieber poster, but they're from Seattle. And that is the most hipster place west of Brooklyn, so you know they've got to be great, also Pitchfork didn't completely hate them.

This post really has no point, I just like this band and want the whole world to know about it! It's simple music, and I appreciate it. (Also I'm building up my hipster cred by presenting you with a band that you've never heard of and will be offended/mad if you do/don't know who they are because I hate adhering to social norms and styles of entertainment that other people may like.)

Stay hip.