Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Five Ghosts

In honor of Stars new album, The Five Ghosts, coming out I thought I would take a look back at this awesome band. I am a pretty big fan of the beautifully orchestrated pop rock band known as stars, but maybe some are not and that is alright. I would just like to take a second to get you up to speed, my best advice is to go get Set Yourself On Fire, their amazing third release and sit in silence as you are brought into a magical world at the end of things.

I wish I could give you one of my favorite songs here, but all the videos for The Big Fight are Harry Potter montages. So I am going to give you the big single from Set Yourself On Fire and hope you can start to dig in form there.

Stars - Your Ex-Lover Is Dead from City Slang on Vimeo.

When there is nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire,

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