Monday, June 28, 2010

So The BET Awards Had One Redeemable Moment

So tonight, I watched the BET Awards. All three and a half hours. Yep. Shame on those of you who didn't watch...! Uh, yeah. It was pretty awful, as basically all award shows are. Kanye West made his triumphant return, Chris Brown cried like a baby... whatever you can look these up on your own free will. BUT, there was one great moment! This year they decided to honor the one and only Prince with a Lifetime Achievement Award preceded with a tribute which featured other artists covering his most famous jams. One of these artists was Janelle Monáe. Ms. Monáe is no stranger to this blog (because she's wonderful) and here she is performing Prince's "Let's Go Crazy" (because she's wonderful).

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