Thursday, July 1, 2010

He Is Just a Rapper

By now I hope you are all aware of Mr. Donald Glover. Or do you know him better as Troy from the NBC series Community? Or even the 'bro' from the YouTube sensation "Bro Rape"? But are you aware of Childish Gambino? Glover is a full fledged rapper, that's right. With a handful of mixtapes and assorted tracks, the 30 Rock writer turned tv star is a hot MC. And he's good! His style is very reminiscent of a geeky Lil' Wayne. He's covered Girls' "Lust For Life", freestyled over Grizzly Bear's "Two Weeks" in addition to Animal Collective's "My Girls". His newest mixtape, Culdesac, drops tomorrow and will be available to download via

CG performed live for the first time last night. Here's footage of him going over Drake's "Over":

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Blaze said...

This kid makes me feel lazy