Monday, August 30, 2010

Album Club.

A select few of us here in Scope love music so much that we feel it necessary to meet once a week and talk about an album each of us have listened to throughout our time apart. This meeting we creatively call "album club", it is a small group, but we hold a belief that we are a powerful think tank when it comes to music. So I thought, in the ever consistent effort to make this blog interesting, I would extend an invitation to you, the readers, to share your thoughts.

This week we listened to Arcade Fire's The Suburbs.

Group Initial Thoughts-

We liked it! It was another strong showing from a band that has already proven their worth with previous disks Funeral and Neon Bible. The collective came to the decision that the album needed more spins from each of us, that it seemed like a grower (which can be said for a few albums this year ie The National- High Violet, Black Keys- Brothers). We thought that the music was a strong point as always, reaching into many different genres and tempos to keep the listener interested. The most criticism came about 3/4ths of the way into the record, we all said it seemed to lag for a few tracks, but it picked itself back up near the end.


Everyone agreed the artwork from Arcade Fire continues to be amazing time after time.

Emphasis Tracks-

Ready To Start
The Suburbs
We Used To Wait
Sprawl II.


We dig it.

Next Week.
The Roots- How I Got Over

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