Sunday, January 27, 2008

ALL TIME All time's, Exhibit A

Upon reading blog after blog, I have come to find one of my main purposes for reading these blogs everyday. The obvious reason would be to learn about great music and occurrences in the music industry, however, I have found and additional and almost as important reason. It creates some form of community between music lovers. As a member of SCOPE, I have found my niche of people who are as equally obsessed. But most of the time when I am standing in the middle of a store/bar/room and a song comes over the speakers that pleases me, and I squeal with delight, no one seems to understand. If one takes the time to pursue writing about music and discovering all things new and independent, it must mean something to them and it must mean something to others to keep reading.

So what is the point behind my title? As much as I love discovering new music, I want to take the time to pay my respects to the songs that make it as my ALL TIME All time favorites ("all time's" would be my B-List--still important, but never experienced a peak).

Exhibit A: "Dakota" by Stereophonics

It is definitely a pure, heartbreakingly guilty pleasure. Usually a sucker for lyrics, I would say that the lyrics would not be the strong point of the song, yet it's one of the reasons that it sucked me in. The chorus strikes you hard with the kind of passion that just makes you want to belt it out, arms thrashing, and head banging. Perhaps it isn't quite the "Bohemian Rhapsody" type of rock-out from Wayne's World, but I think that the feeling it evokes is something that anyone can relate to.

Think back, thinking of you
Summertime, think it was June
Yeah think it was June

Laying back head on the grass
Chewing gum having some laughs
Yeah having some laughs

You made me feel like the one

If you are still resisting my opinion. Think about the first time you feel in love and the music that brought you through it. If I were the Stereophonics, that would be the meaning behind this song. Anyway, if you don't agree--it's a good song to listen to while driving with the sunroof open.

Don't judge by the video..

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