Monday, January 28, 2008

Random shit, as usual

I often think about this scenario:

If I came upon a genie, my first wish would be to get sent back in time armed with a mysterious notebook of hit songs so that I could be the one to unleash these songs unto the music-listening world. The question is, how would I shape my catalogue? Would I go the pop-punk route and be the guy who wrote "Sugar, We're Goin' Down", or would I be the one who wrote "Umbrella" so I could hang out with Jay-Z and pine for a date with Rhianna? Would I be a behind-the-scenes songwriter, or would my less-unique voice be enough to make "Float On" the hit that it is? What if I stole a song and didn't do it justice?

Speaking of underrated music movies, I suggest watching "Garage Days" from Alex Proyas, the guy who did "The Crow" and "I, Robot" and is going to direct "Silver Surfer". The film follows an Australian garage band trying to hit it big. The colors are oversaturated, there are trippy sequences in the film called "Fun With Drugs" which should be fairly self-explanatory, and the pre-requisite menage a trois that goes with most band movies.

Finally, do yourself a favor, pull out your Discman with no skip protection and go back to 1998 so you can listen to Rockafeller Skank from Fatboy Slim. Remember those Surge commercials where Ham from "The Sandlot" drinks Surge and whips doughnuts in his car, because that's what happens when you drink Surge? I miss Surge a lot. Vault, Coke's replacement for Surge, may taste extremely similar, but it's just not the same fucking thing.

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