Monday, January 21, 2008

Lilly Allen < Kate Nash < Regina Spektor

Kate Nash seems to be making quite the buzz on the indie rock circuit lately, even with her pop-based sound and features on MTV (all things non-independent). Her lyrics and often at times folk-ish sound are what separates her from fellow British sassy singers, such as Lilly Allen. Separate would not be the appropriate word however, maybe something along the lines of blowing them out of the water.

With many of the lyrics featuring interesting subject matter and often hilarious word choice, such as "Dickhead" and "Foundations," I cannot help but strike up a similarity between her and Regina Spektor. The piano-driven sound that features storytelling and a wide range of impressive vocals in something that the two females share in common. When it comes down to a more innovative sound and geniune talent, I think that Regina has Kate on this one.

I am interested to see what turn Kate Nash's career takes. Although her sound may be somewhat left of mainstream, I still think that she competes for the same audience as fellow female pop-piano star-on-the-rise, Sara Barielles, who is getting exposure through VH1, and a wide range of radio play. Only time will tell. It often seems that female vocalists get grouped in one genre as what they are in the simplest form, "female vocalists," and the individual genres get cast aside.

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the noble emperor bish said...

found this blog randomly googling... i concur. i think kate nash is much more influenced by regina than lily. shes sorta a poppier, english version (her use of exaggerated accent owes more to regina than lily too, although the press dont seem to be aware of this)...

but then, regina's been going down the pop route lately - is there room in this town for the both of them?